Bike Passport

Lincolnshire Police is combating the rising trend in bicycle theft across Lincolnshire by targeting criminals with crime prevention tactics and enforcement action.

Bicycle owners across Lincolnshire will be able to have their bicycles electronically tagged at organised bike marking sessions. The electronic devices enable the Police Force to trace owners via a national site should they be the victim of bike theft.

If you have been the victim of cycle crime and not reported details of your bicycle, please ring 101 and give details so that Officers can check if yours has been recovered.

Check with your local Neighbourhood Policing Team by ringing 101 or visit to see if there is a property-marking event near you.

Alternatively you can buy the electronic tags from the website, they retail at £14.29 each and they are available for both solid frame or split frame bikes.

However for a limited time Lincolntri Members can buy either of the immobiliser electronic tags for the reduced cost of £4.50 each courtesy of Lincolnshire Police.

We currently have 20 of the solid frame immobiTags for immediate sale and are also open for orders for the split frame immobi tags that suit the tri specific bikes.

The immobiTags can be purchased from Donnah at the Fridays night sessions or contact her to order This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. For the first FOUR immobiTags sold they will come with a free shed alarm also donated by Lincolnshire Police.

Also available to download from the Club website is the Lincolnshire Police Bike Passport, take the time to record details of your prized possession(s)…..just in case! doesn’t just give you the opportunity to record your prized bike, it also enables you to create records of all your gadgets and valuables and is used and supported by all UK Police Forces.

Lincoln Triathlon is proud to be working with the countrys finest police force in helping to prevent bike crime, please take your time to download and read the following document: Bicycle Passport

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