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Lincoln Triathlon club friendly and fun environment to train whether you're a serious competitor or out for fun training. We Pride ourselves in catering for all standards from novice to age group world qualifiers. However we have a limited number of coaches so do have a minimum entry standard.

Minimum Standard: Athletes must be able to complete 100mtrs (4 lengths) of continuous freestyle (Front Crawl) swimming as a starting point. Doesn't matter what time is achieved.

Swim teaching is time consuming and we just don't have the resources for complete non swimmers at this time.

Not sure it's for you? Anyone is more than welcome to join us on poolside to watch a session and have a chat, you'll receive no pressure to join.

Juniors: We have juniors swimming at the adult sessions but they do need to be at a size and standard to hold their own within a lane of adult swimmers. Often Juniors are more confident and robust than we realise but we can't cater for the small ones just yet, maybe in a few years when our coaching staff has increased in numbers. Contact one of the lead coaches if you wish for your child to attend a session and we will give further guidance.

All sessions run parallel to each other and are periodised/phased through the year to meet your needs and deliver you to the start line feeling strong and fast. Consistency is Key! Those that swim regularly following our progressive plan see best results.

You'll see Swimsmooth influences through our sessions so check out the website to get a head start. www.swimtypes.com What type are you?

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